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PRETTYBIRD's Paul Hunter Directs "Declaration Descendants" For, Droga5


Robert Goldrich
Friday, Jun. 30, 2017


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Droga5 NY conceived of this spot, titled “Declaration Descendants,” which breaks just as we approach July 4th Independence Day.

The ad--which celebrates America’s history and its modern-day diversity--recreates John Trumbull’s iconic “Declaration of Independence” painting by casting 29 living descendants of historic figures who signed the hallowed document and helped lay the foundation for our country. One of the contemporary descendants is Shannon Lanier, an African-American who’s a descendant of Thomas Jefferson. Other descendants are Hispanic, Filipino, Korean and Native American, among other heritages.

Directed by Paul Hunter of PRETTYBIRD, the :60 (with a :30 version) underscores that we are all universally connected, sometimes in unexpected ways. 


Client Agency Droga5 NY David Droga, creative chairman; Ted Royer, chief creative officer; Tim Gordon, executive creative director; Thom Glover, Paul Meates, Ben Grube, Brian Eden, associate creative directors; Ted Meyer, copywriter; Tommaso Fontanella, art director; Jaymes Barone, sr. designer; Sally-Ann Dale, chief creation officer; Jesse Brihn, Bryan Litman, co-directors of film production; Lucia Grillo, production development director; Tricia Lentini Himot, executive producer, film; Jennifer Chen, sr. producer, film; Ryan Barkan, Mike Ladman, music supervisors; Niklas Lindstrom, director of interactive production. Production PRETTYBIRD Paul Hunter, director; Matthew Lloyd, DP; Suzanne Hargrove, exec producer; William Green producer. Editorial Cartel Edward Line, editor; Grant Hall, assistant editor; Lauren Bleiweiss, exec producer; Ali Reed, producer. Postproduction The Mill Heath Raymond, exec producer; Abi Klimaszewska, producer; Fergus McCall, colorist; Nathan Kane, Flame artist. Music Found Objects Jay Wadley, composer, creative director; Jennie Armon, exec producer; Trevor Gureckis, creative director. Audio Heard Mike Vitacco, mixer

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