Friday, October 21, 2016
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Peter Thwaites Directs University of Phoenix's "More Than Brains" for 180LA


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, May. 11, 2016


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Peter Thwaites of The Corner Shop directed this aspirational TV commercial for the University of Phoenix that shows vignettes of hard-working people striving to better themselves, all tied together with an updated version of the classic “The Wizard of Oz” song “If I Only Had a Brain.” 

Music/sound shop on the spot, titled “More Than Brains,” was We Are Walker. Conceived by agency 180LA, the piece was named Best in Show at the 2016 AMP Awards for Music and Sound.


Client University of Phoenix Agency 180LA William Gelner, chief creative officer; Eduardo Marques, Rafael Rizuto, executive creative directors; Wilson Mateos, creative director; Josh Hacohen, copywriter; Karine Grigorian, art director; Natasha Wellesley, head of integrated production; Calleen Colburn, executive producer; Dominique Anzano, sr. producer. Mike Harris, global chief strategy officer. Production The Corner Shop Peter Thwaites, director; Joost Van Gelder, DP; Anna Hashmi, exec producer; Suzie Tedesco, line producer. Editorial Cut+Run Steve Gandolfi, editor; Carr Schilling, exec producer; Luc Giddens, assistant editor; Remy Foxx, producer. VFX/Post The Mill Adam Scott, colorist. Online/VFX Jogger Dave Parker, Henry/Flame artist; Rich Rama, exec producer. Audio Post Lime Studios Rohan Young, mixer; Ben Tomastik, assistant mixer; Susie Boyajan, exec producer. Music/Sound We Are Walker Sara Matarazzo, producer; Roarke, vocals and composer. Josh Hacohen, Roarke, lyrics. Song Title “More Than Brains”


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