Friday, October 21, 2016
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The Perlorian Brothers Go "Fish" For Klarna, DDB Stockholm


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Mar. 1, 2016


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This spot showing a fish gliding down a playground slide and across the floor epitomizes the essence of “smooth,” underscoring the smoothness of payment services for online storefronts provided by Swedish e-commerce company Klarna.

The Perlorian Brothers of MJZ directed “Fish” for agency DDB Stockholm.


Client Klarna Agency DDB Stockholm Tomas Granath, art director; Martinu Lundgren, copywriter; Mattias Bengtsson, producer. Production MJZ The Perlorian Brothers, directors; Helen Kenny, exec producer; Yann Gorriz, producer. CG/Post Glassworks Jane Bakx, exec producer; Christian Downes, producer; Rüdiger Kaltenhauser, CG, animation, styling and lighting; Dan Hope, CG modeling, animation and lighting; Martin Chatterjee, CG rigging; Roman Vrbovsky, CG modeling; Vaclav Cizkovsky, CG styling; Ally Burnett, compositing; Jonny Thorpe, color grading. Sound Design Redpipe Voiceover Michael Hayes, Soho Voices. Online DDB House Lukas Thuvesson. Music Deadmono.


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