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Passion Pictures' Kyra & Constantin Direct "Home Time" for Anchor Out of Creature London


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Jul. 19, 2016


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This animated spot from Passion Pictures--featuring animal-like creatures for which directors Kyra & Constantin are known--promotes Anchor spread and what it does for sandwiches, particularly when a sandwich is used as a bribe by a parent to get his kid out of an amusement game ball pit.

Per the concept from London ad agency Creature, in this commercial titled “Home Time,” the dad winds up getting caught in the ball pit while his youngster escapes to enjoy the sandwich.


Client Anchor Agency Creature London Kate Taylor, producer; Amy Connery, assistant producer; Lydia Raghaven, Tori Fannon, creatives; Ben Middleton, creative director. Production Passion Pictures, London Kyra & Constantin, directors and character design/previz; Ryan Goodwin-Smith, Debbie Crosscup, exec producers. Mike Turoff, head of production; Juliette Stern, producer; Chris Jestico, Jasmine Hall, CG coordinators; Jason Nicholas, head of CG; Neil Riley, VFX supervisor; Stuart Hall, CG supervisor and texturing/shading, lighting & rendering; Daniel Lambert, concept art; Brendan Houghton, Christina Conradi, storyboards; Tim King, Kingsley Bailey, editing; Chris Strong, Mattias Bjurstrom, Tom Bryant, modeling; Louise Chassain, texturing/shading; Femi Adegboye, texturing/shading, lighting & rendering; Matteo Nibbi, Giulia Dell’ Armi, Alice Jarre, rigging; Catherine Eldridge (supervisor), Boris Hiestand, Pascale Borie, Aldo Gagliardi, animation; Kwai Ip, Antonios Defteraios, Colin Perret, Gabriele Vernones, Junaid Syed, FX; David Watson, lighting & rendering; Matheus Lacava, compositing. CG Design Development Painting Practice Postproduction Rushes London Joe West, producer. Unit Post Ross Culligan, producer. Denny Cooper, colorist, Sound Design Factory, London

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