Friday, October 28, 2016
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Park Pictures' Terri Timely Duo Provides Perspectives On The Vast IBM Cloud For Ogilvy NY


Robert Goldrich
Monday, Apr. 18, 2016


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Directing duo Terri Timely of Park Pictures takes an architectural look at the world of the vast IBM Cloud in this :60 titled “Designed for Data” out of Ogilvy NY. The spot utilizes Terri Timely’s signature clever visual composition to snapshot the limitless array of data that can be stored in the IBM Cloud. Within a continuous shot panning out, we see a sleek warehouse with a meticulously constructed lineup of vignettes building upon one another, magnifying the depth and variety of businesses’ usage of the cloud. 

The IBM campaign also includes three Terri Timely-directed :30s that highlight real customers, including “Built for Transformation,” “Ready for New Business Models,” and “Spotlight on Dark Data.”


Client IBM Agency Ogilvy New York Steve Simpson, chief creative officer, North America; Jeff Curry, executive creative director, lead creative on IBM; Mark Koelfgen, executive creative director; Laurence Gega, Jason Slack, creative directors; Rebecca Patrick, creative manager; Steve Ford, executive producer. Production Park Pictures Terri Timely, director; Jackie Kelman Bisbee, Justin Pollock, exec producers; Anne Bobroff, head of production; Michelle Currinder, producer. Editorial Friendshop! Ben Suenaga, editor; Melissa Mapes, editorial exec producer; Garrett Crabb, editorial producer. VFX Art Jail Steve Mottershead, VFX creative director/owner; John Skeffington, VFX head of production


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