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O Positive's Jonathan Klein Directs "#pickingteams" For Audi


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Sep. 14, 2016


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Audi Global’s new online film #pickingteams sets FC Bayern Munich’s soccer stars loose on the streets of New York City. With the help of Audi connect, it’s Thiago and Boateng vs. Ribery and Vidal, picking the best civilians for a one-off game. O Positive’s Jonathan Klein directs this run-and-gun crowd piece for agency BBH Sport.

“Letting Audis and four of the best soccer players in the world loose on the streets of New York City was a wild affair,” Klein said. “But that kind of spontaneity and spirit is a gift to any filmmaker and could never be replicated regardless of how much planning you have.”


Client Audi Global Agency BBH Sport Ewan Patterson, creative director; Matthew Welch, Simon Welch, creatives Production O Positive London Jonathan Klein, director; Ralph Laucella, Marc Grill, exec producers; Nell Jordan, exec producer/line producer; Emily Fleischer, line producer; Brian Murray, DP. Postproduction Rock Paper Scissors Damion Clayton, editor; Eve Kornblum, exec producer; Lisa Barnable, Ashley Bartell, producers; Edward Reina, Flame artist. Telecine Company 3 Tim Masick, colorist.

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