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Norwegian Agency POL Tells "Electric Story" For Audi


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Oct. 4, 2017


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Audi Norway has commissioned renowned Swedish artist Anne-Li Karlsson to interpret the German automobile manufacturer’s vision for urban mobility in the future. Based on a creative concept from Norwegian advertising agency POL, "Electric Story" shows how electric ink can bring energy to a city made entirely of paper.

The piece is part of a campaign that dovetails nicely with the introduction of the fully electric Audi e-tron. Karlsson takes the audience on a journey through the streets of the future. The 3D model brings the vision to life through electrically charged ink that fuels the landscape as the model e-tron travels the urban land of tomorrow.

The whole idea behind the project is to talk about something highly technological in an analog way, making it understandable, organic and artful at the same time. 

“The future of Audi is electric so we wanted to make a film that reflected this by using electricity in its purest form: Battery, electric conductors and LED lights. When we discovered that the conductor could be a pen we were enlightened,” says creative director Petter Bryde of POL Oslo.

Norway, the first country in the world where customers could reserve the Audi e-tron, is paving the way for the global roll out. 

Christoffer von Reis directed "Electric Story" via production house DVA.



Client Audi Norway Agency POL, Oslo, Norway Petter Bryde, creative director/copywriter; Thorbjorn Ruud, art director; Ole Jakob Boe Skattum, graphic designer. Production DVA Christoffer von Reis, director; Anna Adamson, exec producer; Linda Wassberg, DP; Bo Gustafsson, creative director. Editorial Johan Wik, editor.

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