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Nice and Company Scales Mountains For Crystal Geyser


Robert Goldrich
Thursday, Jun. 30, 2016


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Conceived by San Francisco agency Nice & Company, this 30-second spot “From Here To There To You” for Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water used four DJI Ronin drones to capture dramatic footage from the Mount Shasta and Mount Whitney springs, eventually sweeping down to a young woman enjoying a bottle of the refreshing H20 on the beach.  

“We decided to focus on the unique differentiator that Crystal Geyser offers in that the water is truly bottled directly at the source.  With so many water companies, you really don’t know what you’re getting, and we wanted to show the beauty of the majestic landscapes where Crystal Geyser water comes from,” said Nice & Company’s ECD Doug Finelli.

Brendan Williams directed and shot the commercial via production house A Common Thread.


Client Crystal Geyser Agency Nice and Company, San Francisco Doug Finelli, executive creative director; Val Beckwith, sr. art director; Troy Courtney, producer. Production A Common Thread Brendan Williams, director/DP; Jason Richardson, line producer. Postproduction Troy Courtney, offline editor, compositor; Brian Collins, compositor. Sound Design Ross Batten Audio Post John Chominsky, mixer. Color Apache


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