Wednesday, October 26, 2016
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MJZ's Mike Maguire Directs "House Off" Game Show For Realtors, Arnold Worldwide


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2016


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This head-to-head game show scenario pits two teams of contestants against each other; the one with the edge being the group with a realtor, underscoring the competitive advantage such a professional can bring to the home buying process.

In this National Association of Realtors’ spot titled “Home Inspection,” we see both teams confront a giant termite. But the team with the realtor prevails as the real estate pro thrashes the termite into submission.

Mike Maguire of MJZ directed for agency Arnold Worldwide.


Client National Association of Realtors Agency Arnold Worldwide, Jim Elliott, global chief creative officer; Sean McBride, EVP, executive creative director; Nate Donabed, VP, creative director (art); Josh Kahn, VP, creative director (copy); Ashley Herrin, art director; Nate Hafer, sr. copywriter; Liz Breen, copywriter; Jamie Malnati, jr. art director; Miki Turner, jr. copywriter; William Near, SVP, executive producer; Jake Williams, assistant broadcast producer; Brian Banineau, EVP, social & content systems; Lydia Leavitt, director, social & content systems; Christin Barth, manager, social & content systems; Alex Flores, associate, social & content systems. Production MjZ Mike Maguire, director; Kate Leahy, exec producer; Caleb Omens, line producer; Igor Jaude Lillo, cinematographer. Editorial Cosmo Street Lawrence Young, editor/sound designer; Mike Secher, sound designer. Post Company 3 Music Josh Kahn VFX Switch VFX

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