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MJZ's Hoffman/Metoyer Directs "Wrong/Right" For State Farm, DDB Chicago


Robert Goldrich
Monday, Jun. 13, 2016


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This State Farm spot from DDB Chicago starts with footage of disastrous situations and a voiceover (by Lorenzo Persons) asking the question, “What if one day we woke up and everything just stopped going wrong?” As a dark tornado transitions to a peaceful sky, an accident is averted, and a blazing fire is extinguished, the voiceover continues, “No more accidents, no more fires, no more emergencies.” Suddenly everything that can go wrong, goes right. The spot goes on to emphasize how in a world where things stop going wrong, State Farm will still be here to help with college, a first car and new beginnings.

Hoffman/Metoyer of MJZ directed this commercial, which is titled “Wrong/Right.” 


Client State Farm Agency DDB Chicago John Maxham, chief creative officer; Mel Routhier, Barry Burdiak, John Hayes, group creative directors; Mike Schif, Chad Broude, Brian Boord, creative directors/writers; Diane Jackson, chief production officer; Scott Kemper, Debora den Iseger, executive producers; Katie Greenbaum, associate producer; Jack Perone, chief strategy officer; John Manley, group strategy director. Production MJZ Hoffman/Metoyer, directors; Eriks Krumins, exec producer; Emily Skinner, producer. Editorial Final Cut Rick Russell, editor; Betty Jo Moore, assistant editor; Rebecca Baker, producer; Suzy Ramirez, head of production; Eric McCasline, exec producer. VFX The Mill Udesh Chetty, shoot supervisor, 2D lead artist; John Leonti, Mike Di Nocco, creative directors; Richard Tepavchevich, 3D lead artist; Jonathan Freeman, Daniel Popovic, Andrew Pellicer, 2D artists; Jordan Carroll, Maureen Lu, Ben Jones, 3D artists; Jie Zhou, Rasha Shalaby, Itai Muller, matte painting; Jared Yeater, exec producer; Nicole Duncan, Alex Bader, producers; Samantha Hernandez, production coordinator. Music Hanan Townshend, composer. Human Jonathan Sanford, exec producer. Audio Post Another Country John Binder, Peter Erazmus, mixers; Josh Hunnicut, assistant;  Tim Konn, exec producer. Sound Design HenryBoy Bill Chesley, sound designer; Kate Gibson, producer. Voiceover Talent Lorenzo Persons


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