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Matthijs van Heijningen Directs Adobe's "Snake Bite" For Goodby Silverstein & Partners


Robert Goldrich
Friday, Apr. 15, 2016


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Adobe’s “Do you know what your marketing is doing” campaign from Goodby Silverstein & Partners continues with “Snake Bite,” a 60-second spot which focuses on the mobile customer experience.

Directed by Matthijs van Heijningen of MJZ, the piece opens with two guys hiking in the mountains. Suddenly, a snake bites one of them in the leg, and the man screams in terror and falls to the ground. His friend tries to help, saying, “Hold on – I know a medical website!” 
Zooming in on the phone, the medical site he visits is blocked by a full-screen pop-up ad, which annoys him and he can’t find the ‘hidden X’ to close out of it.

The snake-bitten man continues groaning and says he can’t feel his leg. His buddy tries clicking on something else, but is taken to another page within the site and offered to download their app. He is clearly frustrated, saying, “Now they’re making me sign up for the newsletter!”

The injured man is now looking progressively worse and starts muttering incoherently. Still focused on the phone and trying to click on a snake bite link, the other man almost gets what he wants, when a survey to “rate your site experience” emerges.

He tells his friend, who’s succumbing to the snake bite, to hold on for just 15 more seconds until he can access the site link and starts counting down. Delirious, the injured man starts seeing a bright white light and reaches out to it.

Adobe’s tagline: “How is your customer experience? We can help.”

This bit of satire was deployed to help address how marketers need to consider mobile as a vital channel to their overall strategy. 
“Ultimately, your customer experience is your brand,” explained Alex Amado, VP of experience marketing at Adobe. “More and more customers are connecting with you through digital channels, and they expect high-quality content and a seamless experience on mobile. They want what they want, when they want it, and the stakes are higher than ever for marketers--get the experience right or risk losing your customers.”

Will Elliott, creative director and associate partner, Goodby Silverstein & Partners, added, “’Snakebite’ shows in an absurd way that a bad mobile experience can turn away business and kill your growth--or worse, your customers.” 
This spot is currently on Adobe-owned channels as well as part of a paid online media buy.


Client Adobe Agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco Jeff Goodby, Rich Silverstein, co-chairmen; Margaret Johnson, executive creative director; Will Elliott, Patrick Knowlton, creative directors; Carlo Barreto, art director; Jonathan Pelleg, copywriter; Tod Puckett, director of content production; Benton Roman, sr. producer; Bonnie Wan, group brand strategy director; Etienne Ma, Andrew Mak, brand strategists. Production MJZ Matthijs van Heijningen, director; Eriks Krumins, sr. executive producer; Betsy Oliver, producer; Linus Sandgren, DP; Floyd Albee, production designer. Editorial Work Editorial Jono Griffith, editor; Jasmina Zaharieva, assistant editor; Marlo Baird, exec producer; Jamie Lynn Perritt, producer. Postproduction MPC Mark Gethin, colorist. VFX/Finishing MPC Juliet Tierney, sr. producer; Michael Gregory, shoot supervisor, 2D lead;  Jason Schugardt, shoot supervisor, 3D lead. Music/Sound Design stimmung Gus Koven, sound designer. Audio Post Eleven Sound Jeff Payne, mixer.

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