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Liz Garbus Directs Whitney Woerz's "Ghost Story" Music Video


Robert Goldrich
Monday, Jun. 27, 2016


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Rising 600 Volt musical artist Whitney Woerz, releases the single “Ghost Story” along with this accompanying music video. Directed by two-time Best Feature Documentary Oscar nominee Liz Garbus (director/producer for What Happened Miss Simone? this year and The Farm: Angola in 1999) via RadicalMedia and in connection with Glenn Close’s organization Bring Change 2 Mind, the single and music video were created to help de-stigmatize mental health issues and will be used as the organization’s anthem.
Written by Woerz to help a friend through her struggle with severe depression and potential suicide, the song—and its music video—come during a time when mental health issues are in epidemic proportions in America. 
“I tell stories through music and this one was as real as it gets,” said Woerz. “As a 16-year-old high school student and artist, I see the pressures we are under and how we don’t feel like it’s OK to discuss them. We sweep them under the rug and we can suffer. I am beyond hopeful that the release of ‘Ghost Story’ will impact audiences around the world. Supporting Glenn Close’s Bring Change 2 Mind has been an incredible journey; we are all affected by mental health issues and need to end its negative stigma.  ‘Ghost Story’ aims to start the conversation towards the first steps to productive and positive change. I could not have been more thrilled with the video and the opportunity to work with the amazing Liz Garbus as my director.” 
Garbus stated, “I heard ‘Ghost Story’ and felt it was a great opportunity to work with Whitney and teen survivors. The song itself is breathtaking and our ability to create the video to speak to the issues in a new way and to a younger audience was empowering. We hope to impact and enlighten with ‘Ghost Story.’”


Client Bring Change 2 Mind Production RadicalMedia LLC Liz Garbus, director; Jennifer Heath, Frank Scherma, exec producers; Igor Martinovic, DP; Glenn Rosenstein, producer; Andrew Krasniak, production manager; Tommaso Ortino, production designer; Carisa Kelly, styling. Music & Lyrics Whitney Woerz Editorial Outpost Digital Tim Ziegler, editor. Casting Real Casting Outreach Liz Lewis

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