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Leo Burnett, Gentlemen, utopic Offer April Fool's Day "Election Insurance" From Esurance


Robert Goldrich
Monday, Apr. 18, 2016


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This April Fool’s Day spoof from Leo Burnett, Chicago, unveils a fictional new insurance product provided by client Esurance that protects your home after you’ve moved to Canada (or wherever you take refuge) after the presidential election.

The two-minute viral took the absurdity of the presidential race and invented a solution that was equally absurd. Featured in the film are various unhappy Americans dealing with the possible fallout of the election in their own way, including abandoning their homes to relocate north of the U.S. border. Esurance provides a policy that protects these abandoned homes.

The film hawks three different “Election Insurance” packages for those who have decided to head out of the country until the next election: the standard package includes yard maintenance; premium will get your house decorated for the holidays, and then there is platinum policy, where a tuba-playing, brokenhearted teenage boy comes out to your front lawn and sobs for his girlfriend.

The duo of Billy Federighi and Brett Snider, a.k.a. Gentlemen, directed the piece which was edited by utopic’s Craig Lewandowski and Kat Pryor. Besides its online exposure, the two-minute film got major coverage on TV, including on Good Morning America.


Client Esurance Agency Leo Burnett Chicago Britt Nolan, chief creative officer; Brian Shembeda, Jeff Candido, creative directors; Rene Delgado, associate creative director/art director; Jono Paull, associate creative director/copywriter; Brian Marcus, art director; Gretchen Zachan, copywriter; Tim Allan, producer. Production The Gentlemen Gentlemen (Billy Federighi and Brett Snider), directors; Greg Jones, exec producer; Jonathan Becker, line producer. Editorial utopic Craig Lewandowski, Kat Pryor, editors; Justin Winkler, online creative finisher; Dmitry Fedorov, graphics; Heather Mitchell, exec producer; Lauren Gray, producer.

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