Sunday, October 23, 2016
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Joanna Bailey Directs Amazon PrimeNow's "New Neighbors"


Robert Goldrich
Monday, Jun. 6, 2016


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Sandwick Media’s Joanna Bailey, in conjunction with her UK production company Bare Films, has directed this charming spot for Amazon’s internal advertising team. The piece showcases how Amazon PrimeNow’s new two-hour delivery service helps kindle a friendship between two kids, one a little girl who just moved into the neighborhood.

Bailey said of the project, “It was the opportunity to explore lovely little expressions of hope and wariness and inhibition that really intrigued me with this spot--those gorgeous little looks and nervous glances shared between two rather guarded children. The big challenge any time you work with kids is getting a performance that feels genuine and not horribly over acted but also trying to hit something that is tender without feeling overly sentimental. We were all very conscious of that and I hope we’ve managed it.”


Client Amazon Michael Boychuk, executive creative director; Sean Ohlenkamp, creative director; David Connell, sr. producer; Brian Johnson, sr. campaign manager. Production Sandwick Media/Bare Films Joanna Bailey, director; Martin Hill, DP; Bill Sandwick, exec producer (Sandwick Media); Helen Hadfield, exec producer (Bare Films) Miranda Johnstone, producer. Editorial The Playroom Adam Spivey, editor. Postproduction The Mill Seamus O’Kane, colorist.




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