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Jim Gilchrist Directs Scope UK's "HIDE" For George & Dragon


Robert Goldrich
Thursday, Sep. 29, 2016


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Using the hashtag #endtheawkward, this campaign addresses, and aims to end, awkwardness when encountering disabled colleagues in the workplace.  Created by agency George & Dragon for disability charity Scope UK, the spot was directed by Jim Gilchrist of production house Outsider.

This PSA takes us into an office where employees literally hide when they see a “disabled” visitor/job applicant. Turns out what they instead should do is H.I.D.E which is an abbreviation for say “Hi,” “Introduce yourself,” “Don’t panic” and “End the awkward.”

The message is based on research which finds that some 34% of Brits avoid disabled people, and that nearly 38% of disabled people say they hid their impairment as they react to poor attitudes/awkwardness.

Nick Hurrell, managing partner, George & Dragon, said, ‘Scope is a progressive charity with a talented team dedicated to ensuring that disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else. If our campaign goes a little way towards achieving that ambition, then we will be delighted to have helped.’


Client Scope UK Agency George & Dragon Ravi Beeharry, Andy Mancuso, creative directors; Andy Mancuso, Harriet Wiltshire, Zach Speight, creatives; Gemma Hall, TV producer. Production Outsider Jim Gilchrist, director; Simon Elborne, producer; Daniel Landin, DP. Editorial Cut+Run Ben Campbell, editor. Postproduction Absolute Post Sound Wave


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