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Janusz Kaminski Directs Partnership for Drug-Free Kids' "Fried Egg 2016" PSA


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2016


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Giving a nod to the memorable Partnership for a Drug-Free America PSA from the 1980s (directed by Joe Pytka of PYTKA), the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids and agency Campbell Ewald have teamed with director Janusz Kaminski (the Oscar-winning cinematographer for Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan) of Independent Media Inc. to create a new “Fried Egg 2016” spot.

The new PSA shows us an egg sizzling in a pan--akin to Pytka's classic brain on drugs being fried--before seguing to the difficult questions kids ask of parents. Partnership for Drug-Free Kids is a national nonprofit that has “grown up” alongside the parents it works with--parents who remember the original “this is your brain on drugs” egg spot and are now trying to properly deal with their kids so that they don’t fall prey to drug and alcohol abuse. But there are many differences between today and the era during which the original PSA ran--marijuana laws are changing and kids are now abusing prescription medication, most notably painkillers. Parents need to be able to help their kids and answer their questions relative to hard drugs, marijuana and prescription medicine.

The “Fried Egg 2016” TV PSA features a voiceover from Emmy-Award winning actress Allison Janney, who not only portrays a mother in recovery on the CBS sitcom, Mom, but whose own brother struggled with substance abuse for many years before he ultimately lost his battle with addiction and depression.


Client Partnership for Drug-Free Kids Agency Campbell Ewald Jo Shoesmith, chief creative officer; Tom Cerroni, art director; Joe Godard, copywriter; Mary Ellen Krawczyk, producer; Martha Carter, production coordinator; John D’Agostini, audio engineer. Production Independent Media Inc. Janusz Kaminski, director; Susanne Preissler, exec producer. Editorial Lost Planet Hank Corwin, Federico Brusilovsky, editors; Gary Ward, exec producer; Glenn Teel, Flame artist. Music Barking Owl Kelly Bayett, exec producer/creative director.

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