Friday, October 28, 2016
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"Jailbreak" (short film)


Robert Goldrich
Friday, Apr. 1, 2016


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A man escapes from jail only to find that he's exchanged one prison for another--but he's decidely happier in his new cell without bars.

Aaron Soren of HouseSpecial conceived of and directed this offbeat animated tale.


Visual Effects/Animation: HouseSpecial-A Short Stuff production, Portland, Ore. Aaron Sorenson, director/creative/character designer; Alan Cook, character designer; Kirk Kelley, creative director; Craig Bowers, Don Flores, Sharon Huang, Kristy Kay, Phillip Spehar, Tod Polson, background/environment design; Katie Mello, Margaret Meyer, Chris Ohlgren, character fabrication; Greg Fosmire, set/prop fabrication lead: Gary Logue, Katie Mello, Margaret Meyer, Josh Pearce, Emma Van Halsema, set/prop fabrication; Suzanne Twining, animator; Patrick Van Pelt, VFX; Stephen Bodin, matte painting; Rex Carter, Flame artist. Agency: none; Production: HouseSpecial, Portland, Ore. Aaron Sorenson, director

Toolbox: Dragonframe, Maya, Flame


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