Saturday, October 22, 2016
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J. Walter Thompson Goes Robotic For PUMA


Robert Goldrich
Monday, May. 2, 2016


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PUMA has taken athletic performance to a new level with the creation of BeatBot, a robotic training device that helps pace and push runners to achieve their best. After all, everyone goes faster when there’s something to beat.
The world’s fastest man and PUMA athlete Usain Bolt is featured in this video created by J. Walter Thompson that showcases the new training technology

The self-driving device can be programmed with a time and distance that a runner wants to replicate. BeatBot uses infrared sensors to follow the lines of a track to drive around based on a runner’s customized training program. With a top speed of 44kmh, BeatBot can recreate Bolt’s record-shattering 100m dash, giving runners a chance to experience firsthand just how fast the world’s fastest man can go.


Client PUMA Agency J. Walter Thompson Florent Imbert, Emmanual Lalleve, executive creative directors; Karl Ackerman, creative director; Ben Morejon, sr. art director; Andrew Curtis, sr. copywriter; Brent Choi, Adam Kerj, chief creative officers, NY; Rik Mistry, planning director; Jennifer Usdan McBride, director of digital; Jason Curtis, executive producer; Chris Klein, sr. producer; Thomas Mishra, assistant producer; Kristin Robinson, project manager. Production Black Tape Media Danny Dwyer, DP. Rock Steady Films Chris Browne, DP. Design, Engineering, Product Management 10XBETA Marcel Botha, Berk Ilhan, Simon Ellison. Computer Vision 10XBETA Bruno Kruse, Carrie Kengle, Mike Manh PID and Control System Consulting IF Robots Jesse Gray, Matt Berlin Line-Following Sensor Array Moonmilk Ranjit Bhatnagar  Honeybee Robotics Yoni Saltzman

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