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Ivan Zacharias Directs "Tennis Instructor" David Ortiz For TurboTax, W+K


Robert Goldrich
Thursday, Jan. 5, 2017


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Retired baseball star David Ortiz has a new career, tennis instructor at a country club, in this spot for Intuit TurboTax. Ortiz has made a seamless transition to the tennis court, made simpler by the fact that he continues to exhibit a home run swing, blasting tennis balls all over the place, wreaking havoc with their impact.

Via his smartphone, he connects with a TurboTax expert to get real-time, personalized answers to his tax-related questions, in this case a query as to whether the tennis balls he clubs into oblivion are tax deductible.

Ivan Zacharias of Smuggler directed this comedy spot titled "New Job," one of several he helmed in this “Relax There’s TurboTax” campaign for Wieden+Kennedy, Portland, Ore.


Client Intuit TurboTax Agency Wieden+Kennedy, Portland, Ore. Erik Fahrenkopf, Max Stinson, creative directors; Jarrod Higgins, copywriter; Brandon Viney, art director; Jeff Selis, producer; Ben Grylewicz, head of production; Amy Stenger, Eric Reigert, Dana Beaty, studio; Annie Quach, project manager. Production Smuggler Ivan Zacharias, director; Brian Carmody, Allison Kunzman, exec producers; Nick Landon, line producer; Adam Kimel, DP; Bobby Phillips, 1st assistant director; Jeremy Hindle, production designer; Courtney Hoffman, key costumer. Editorial Robota Filip Malasek, editor. VFX & Design The Mill Anastasia von Rahl, sr. producer; Chris Lewis, production coordinator; Tim Davies, shoot supervisor/creative director/2D artist; James Allen, shoot supervisor, 2D lead artist. Becky Porter, Don Kim, Jeff Langlois, John Shirley, Kelsey Napier, Krysten Richardson, Peter Sidoriak, Tim Robbins, Rob Winfield, Anthony Petitti, Matthew Dobrez, Adam Lambert, 2D artists; Blake Guest (previz), 3D artist; Jason Kang, Greg Park, motion graphics. Color The Mill Greg Reese, Adam Scott, colorists; Thatcher Peterson, exec producer, color; Diane Valera, color producer; Robert Cohen, production coordinator, color. Sound Design Pefflabs, Inc. Jeff Sudakin, sound designer. Audio Post Lime Studios Sam Casas, mixer; Lisa Mermelstien, audio assistant; Susie Boyajan, exec producer; Kayla Phungglan, producer. Spanish-Language Version/Agency Grupo Gallegos Carlos Tornell, creative director; Manolo Vargas, Gabriel Ascencio, copywriters; Cristian Orozco, art director; Sebastian Garin, executive creative director; Carlos Barciela, head of production; Silvina Cendra, strategic planning.

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