Friday, September 22, 2017
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Interplanetary Introduces Us To "The Miracle of Science With Soul" At City of Hope


Robert Goldrich
Thursday, Jan. 12, 2017


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A voiceover relates, “I speed cures from laboratories to patients so you can re-become the person you were.” 

We soon learn this is the “voice” of the City of Hope Medical Center as we see a woman with cancer returning to her normal life. 

Her story, told in this spot titled “Patient,” underscores the healing power at City of Hope, a place which blends “The Miracle of Science With Soul.”

“Patient” is part of an overall campaign from agency Interplanetary. Commercials in this package, including “Patient,” were directed by Rick Knief via production house Table of Content.


Client City of Hope Agency Interplanetary Bruce Lee, chief creative officer; Chris Parker, Jill McClabb, creative partners; Joe Dessi, managing partner; Andy Semons, strategic planning partner. Production Table of Content Rick Knief, director; Tom Krueger, DP; Jessica Drennan, Michele Robb, producers. Postproduction Hooligan Eric Carlson, Kane Platt, Alejandro Delgado, editors. Music Human Worldwide James Wells, exec producer.

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