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Hulk, Ant-Man Vie For Coca-Cola Mini in Super Bowl Spot From W+K


Robert Goldrich
Monday, Feb. 8, 2016


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In this Super Bowl :60, Marvel super hero Ant-Man attempts to swipe a Coca-Cola Mini Can from the refrigerator in Dr. Bruce Banner’s lab, only to be caught in mid-heist by Banner. Enraged by the thought of losing his beverage of choice, Banner turns into the Hulk and a wild chase ensues through busy city streets. Ant-Man for a brief moment appears to escape but in fact he becomes trapped and has to surrender the can to the Hulk. However, the green giant’s fingers are to large to open the can--so Ant-Man comes to his rescue, popping the top so both can enjoy the pause that refreshes.

The airing of the “Coke Mini” spot kicks off a virtual hunt for Marvel-themed Coca-Cola Mini Cans, which feature six of the world’s best-known heroes – Hulk, Ant-Man, Black Widow, Captain America, Iron Man and Falcon. Each day through February 14, Coca-Cola will release hidden clues (known as “Easter eggs”) through its social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat. Each individual “Easter egg” will unlock a limited number of cans and provide young adults direction for the chance to obtain a limited edition six-pack of their own. Marvel-themed, limited-edition Coca-Cola Mini Cans are not available for sale in retail outlets – and only available while supplies last.


Client Coca-Cola Agency Wieden+Kennedy, Portland, Ore. Hal Curtis, Antony Goldstein, Jeff Gillette, creative directors; Becca Wadlinger, copywriter; Nick Stokes, Nate Nowinowski, art directors; Robert Saxon, producer; Jim Staples, Mark Fitzloff, executive creative directors; Ben Grylewicz, head of production. Production Bullitt Anthony Russo, Joe Russo, directors; Todd Makurath, Luke Ricci, exec producer; Diane Castrup, line producer; Trent Opaloch, DP.  Editorial Final Cut LA Crispin Struthers editor; Zoe Schack, assistant editor; Michael Miller, producer; Suzy Ramirez, head of production; Eric McCasline, exec producer. Post Company 3 Siggy Ferstl, colorist; Matt Moran, producer. Sound Design Soundwalker Sound Shannon Mills, sound designer; Eva Porter, producer. Music Barking Owl Christophe Beck, composer; Kelly Bayett, creative director; Ashley Benton, producer. Audio Post Eleven Sound Jeff Payne, mixer; Melissa Elston, producer. VFX/Animation Luma Pictures, Santa Monica, Calif. Vincent Cirelli, sr. VFX supervisor; Jay Lichtman, managing director; Louisa Cartwright, Michael Perdew, VFX producers; Matt Lydecker, creative director; Justin Johnson, digital effects; Raphael A. Pimentel, animation director; Jared Simeth, Brendan Seals, Loïc Zimmermann, Alexandre Cancado, Andrew Zink, Oded Raz, Pavel Pranevsky and Thanapoom Siripopungul, supervisors; Catherine Hughes, Justin Porter, Beth Senn, Cole Darby, Sheldon Neill, Timothy Bond, Celine Lam and Austin Baker, VFX production; Daniel Kepler and Andrew Kalicki, technical coordinators; James Waterson, David Larochelle, Michaela Danby, Chris Fung, Christopher Miller, Garrett Wycoff, Gregory Ng, Joe Censoplano, Joey Sila, Jun Eun Kim, Marc Schoenbeck, Matthias Dolphens, Michael Yates, Jonathan Harkes, Will Lovett, Cameron Sorgi, Andrew Alevizos, Christian Salvador, Marcel Martins, Matt Bacon, Meagan Green, Shawn Sahara, compositors; Claire Pereira de Souza, Flame artist; Dave White, Anthony Grant, Daniel Riddle, Dulshan Keragala, Joe Reif, Kyoungsoo Min, Lily Morgan, Mikey Rogers, Mohammad Modarres, Nicholas Hodgson, Tadao Masuyama, Tom Newbury, Sichen Zhang, Damir Filipovic, Lenny Gordon, Josue Arias, Kevin Bolivar, Marcos D. Romero, Marco Capparelli, Matthew Stoyakovich, Billy Dao, Justin Brunett, Meg Grube, Michael Vandenhoven, Monika Gelbmann, Ngan Chung, Tiffany Wang, Wen Zhao, John Cassella, Jacob Santamaria, Karl Rogovin, Daniel Bukevec, Imre Tüske, Jiyong Shin, John Kent, Johannes Gross, Lucas Pozzey, CG artists; Faraz Abbasi, motion graphics.

Toolbox: Maya, Arnold, Nuke, Flame, Houdini, Mari, Zbrush, PF Track
Category of ScreenWork: 


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