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HouseSpecial Makes "Ingredients Reign" For Chipotle, GSD&M


Robert Goldrich
Friday, Sep. 30, 2016


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Locally home grown ingredients--from veggies to cheese, even meat--are nurtured, pampered, obsessed over and close to being worshiped in this stop-motion animation :60 for Chipotle produced by the studio HouseSpecial for agency GSD&M.

Kirk Kelly of HouseSpecial directed this anthem piece titled “Ingredients Reign.”


Client Chipotle Agency GSD&M Jay Russell, chief creative officer; Ryan Carroll, Scott Brewer, group creative directors; Matt Barker, Ryan Warner, art directors; Phil Davies, Chase Stevens, writers; Jack Epsteen, director of production; Laura Busino, executive producer; Becky Carrel, producer; Kate Blair, digital producer; Jennifer Billiot, strategist. Animation Production HouseSpecial Kirk Kelley, director; Lourri Hammack, exec producer; Karly Richter, producer; Gee Staughton, art director; Cam Williams, editor; Rex Carter, Flame artist; John Nolan, DP; Suzanne Twining, Chris Ohlgren, Wendy Fuller, Kevin Phelps, animators. (Toolbox: Dragonframe, Nuke, Houdini, Maya, Flame, Photoshop, Illustrator, Kuper Control). Music/Sound Design Future Perfect John Connolly, sound engineer.



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