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Hornet's Peter Sluszka Thinks Inside The Box For Amazon, Leo Burnett Toronto


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Jul. 13, 2016


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Leo Burnett, Toronto, teamed with director Peter Sluszka of the Hornet studio on this stop motion piece marking Amazon’s 2nd annual Prime Day (July 12), a global, mid-year shopping holiday for its Prime customers to receive online deals.

Sluszka and his team of artists handcrafted a city made of Amazon’s well-known cardboard boxes. Utilizing in-camera, stop-motion techniques, the spot--titled "High/Low"--explores a whimsical yet contemporary metropolis with cardboard as its brick and mortar. The paper craft visuals extend to the cars, landmarks and even the people, all connected by the Amazon pins showing the range of the brand’s services and deals. The end result is a blend of storytelling and artistry, proving that sometimes it’s okay to think inside the box.


Client Amazon Agency Leo Burnett Toronto Sean Ganann, creative director; Franca Piacente, SVP, executive producer; Chris Brown, art director; Jennifer Smith, copywriter; Laurie Filgiano, producer. Production Hornet Peter Sluszka, director; Zack Kortright, exec producer; Anna Lauren Farrell, producer; Joel Kretschman, line producer; Anita Chao, editor; Sang-Jin Bae, supervising TD; Anna Bron, Stevie Lewis, Mike Luzzi, design (characters & props); Patrick O’Keefe, design (backgrounds); Ivan Abel, DP; Anthony Jacques, Richard Coppola, motion control operators; Tim McDonald, art director; Peter Erickson, Ben Kress, Samantha Smith, Maxwell Sorensen, Melissa Chow, Janet Kim O’Sullivan, Matt Christensen, Arielle Casale, Illya Smelansky, Hillary Barton, Laura Noveck, Kelsey Knight Mohr, Michael Lawrence, Royal Jarmon, Matt McGlade, Kelsey Brewer, Madow Tsai, fabricators; Tom Gasek, Matt Somma, Matt Christensen, Maxwell Sorensen, Zack Williams, Adam Pierce, animators; Kelsey Brewer, Madow Tsai, assistant animator; Carlos Ancalmo, storyboards; Craig Kohlmeyer, CG lead; Doug Litos, previz; Bogdan Mihajlovic, tracking & modeling; Ted Wiggin, lead compositor; John Harrison, Xiaoxiao Tang, Craig Nowicki, Peter Fink, compositors; Michael Yetter, gaffer; Chris Clarke, BB electric; Jarrod Kloiber, 3rd electric; Jeremy Rodriguez, key grip; Rick Morrison, 2nd grip; Justin Wolfson, 3rd grip. (Toolbox: primarily stop motion with a touch of After Effects and Maya). Zung Studios Kerry Coutu, additional fabrication Audio Grayson Matthew Tom Westin, director; Bridget Flynn, exec producer.

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