Tuesday, October 25, 2016
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Grey NY Tells "Real Color" Story of Transgender Model For Clairol Nice’n Easy


Robert Goldrich
Friday, Aug. 19, 2016


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Lina Plioplyte directed this short which tells the story of Tracey Norman, the first black transgender fashion model who enjoyed success, discovery, rejection and finally acceptance as a Nice’n Easy spokesmodel.

In the late 1970s Norman established herself as a model and graced a box of Clairol hair color. However, she harbored a secret back then--she was transgender. At a fashion magazine shoot in the early 1980s, her truth was revealed, and her career came to an abrupt halt.  Now, 35 years later, Clairol has brought her back, but this time as the woman she really is.  Norman shares her story in a moving Nice’n Easy video and shines in the new “Color As Real As You Are” campaign.

Grey creatives read about her story and with the client have reignited her career at 63.  The product’s positioning celebrates “the real you” and Norman tells her story in this video. Norman will also appear in the “Color As Real As You Are” print ad and her first TV commercial set to launch in January 2017.


Client Clairol Nice’n Easy Agency Grey New York Andreas Dahlqvist, chief creative officer; Alice Ericsson, executive creative director; Beth Avellini, group creative director; Gino Gianneschi, creative director; Amanda Peters, strategy director; Emily Darby, producer; David Steinberg, agency music producer. Production Lina Plioplyte, director. Editorial Vision Adam Talaid, editor.

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