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Grey Brazil Constructs "Bricks from Mariana" Campaign


Robert Goldrich
Monday, May. 9, 2016


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On November 5, 2015, the region of Mariana, in the state of Minas Gerais, was the victim of the greatest environmental disaster in the history of Brazil. With the collapse of the Fundão Dam, a sea of mud covered dozens of cities, decimated lives, and destroyed the environment.

Experts attest that the region will need over a decade to recover. But for those who live in or visit the area, it is clear that the problem demands an immediate solution.

That’s how Bricks from Mariana came to be. A project that aims to accelerate the revival of the affected region, by helping clear the area, by restoring jobs, by rebuilding houses, hospitals, schools, and community centers, and by generating revenue for local communities.

Created by Grey Brazil, in consultancy with the engineers from Geotecnologies and Geomaterials Engineers and ecological bricks factory, Ecobrick, the initiative is transforming the mud from the tragedy into clean, non-toxic raw material for the production of ecological bricks, up to seven times more resistant than ordinary clay bricks.

In other words, the same mud that destroyed Mariana is now helping rebuild it. Brick by brick. 3,000 ecological bricks have already been produced by hand from the mud. But a plant, which will increase production to an industrial scale, is ready to spring into production.

The Bricks from Mariana factory will have a 100% local workforce, returning 80 direct and indirect jobs back to the community.

By the end of each year, more than 5 million kilos of mud will have been removed from the local environment, producing 1.2 million bricks, enough to rebuild homes, schools, and health and recreation centers for at least 300 families in the region.

The production of Bricks from Mariana will also bring extra income to the community, as in the future, the new brand will be found for sale in building materials stores throughout Brazil, with profits going back to the region.

This video outlines the “Bricks from Mariana” campaign.


Client Tijolos de Mariana Agency Grey Brazil Rodrigo Jatene, chief creative officer; Adriano Matos, executive creative director; Marcelo Bruzzesi, Pedro Rocha, Ricardo Barbosa, creative team; Robinson Silva, producer Production Zohar Content Michel Coeli, director; Fernando de Souza, Isabelle Tanugi, Carlos Paiva, Fernanda Rossi, exec producers; Felipe Hutter, DP. Editorial Felipe Bartorilla, Alexandre Britto, editors. Sound AudioButique Lourenco Rolon Jr., sound.

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