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Droga5 Opens Dixie "Deadzone Diners"


Robert Goldrich
Sunday, Sep. 4, 2016


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We’ve all seen people at restaurants, their heads buried in their cellphones with little or no interaction with the friends, relatives or other associates across the table from them. Thus mealtime, which used to be a place for people to catch up, has become an insular experience. Looking to remedy that, Dixie, maker of products long associated with mealtime, teamed with Droga5 NY on a “Deadzone Diners” campaign designed to help people connect again. 

So Droga5 and its team hunted down cellular dead zones in Los Angeles where people would be free of digital distractions. Droga5 set up three Dixie Deadzone Diners, pop-up restaurants, in places with no cellphone service. The locations—an old federal reserve vault, a hillside park, and the Bronson Caves—served dinner, breakfast and ice cream respectively over three days from August 26-28 to nearly 1,000 attendees. The activation also consisted of a special press event night hosted by Carla Hall, noted restaurateur and co-host of ABC’s The Chew. She also designed the menu especially for the occasion.

In addition to the Deadzone Diners themselves, the activation includes a launch video introducing the concept, this ScreenWork wrap video underscoring the importance of connecting--particularly during this Labor Day weekend--as well as a website (click here) featuring Hall’s recipes and other content to inspire families to reconsider their perceptions of dead zones. We are also collaborating with Buzzfeed to create further content, including articles with tips on how to interact without a phone, and the story of one writer’s experience bringing a date to one of the Deadzone Diners.


Client Georgia Pacific/Dixie Agency Droga5 New York David Droga, creative chairman; Ted Royer, chief creative officer; Neil Heyman, executive creative director; Devon Hong, Tara Lawall, Jeff Scardino, creative directors; Mietta McFarlane, copywriter; Luke Chard, art director; Ted Meyer, jr. copywriter; Tommaso Fontanella, jr. art director; Rob Trostle, executive design director; Rich Greco, design director; Nate Moore, sr. designer; Brett Stiller, UX designer; Ian Plath, design intern; Sally-Ann Dale, chief creation officer; Niklas Lindstrom, head of interactive production; Tasha Cronin, executive interactive producer; Chris Parke, sr. social producer; Gabrielle Nicoletti, social producer; Jonny Bauer, global chief strategy officer; Elaine Purcell, group strategy director; Newman Granger, strategist; Delphine McKinley, sr. communications strategist; Brad Mumbrue, sr. data strategist; Remy Lupica, data strategist. Production Snippies Roman Luck, director/DP; Tom Dicerbo, exec producer; Shelley Maclachlan, producer. Editorial Snippies Tom Hickson, editor; Jake Birnbaum, assistant editor; Tom Dicerbo, exec producer; Shelley Maclachlan, producer. Postproduction Snippies Tom Dicerbo, exec producer; Shelley Maclachlan, producer. Music APM Song: “Pretty Baby” Sound Snippies Tom Hickson, mixer. Experiential Production Company na collective Jim Striebich, exec producer; Nicolette  Coan, producer.

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