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Droga5 Deploys "Bragspeople" For Pizza Hut


Robert Goldrich
Friday, Sep. 23, 2016


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A bit too humble to toot its own horn, Pizza Hut instead enlists “Bragspeople” in this campaign conceived by Droga5 New York. In this particular spot, an alien being from another planet finds comfort in Pizza Hut offerings, especially its new grilled cheese stuffed crust pizza. 

Adam & Dave of Arts & Sciences directed the spot with tabletop being helmed by Trevor Shepard of Woodshop.


Client Pizza Hut Agency Droga5 New York David Droga, creative chairman; Ted Royer, chief creative officer; Scott Bell, group creative director; Jillian Goger, Matthew Swinburne, creative directors; Conor Dooley, Craig Gerringer, Eric Johnson, copywriters; Conner Tobiason, art director; Rich Greco, Devin Croda, design directors; Jessica Trombatore, jr. designer; Sally-Ann Dale, chief creation officer; Bryan Litman, executive broadcast producer; Rebecca Wilmer, sr. broadcast producer. Jamil McGinnis, associate broadcast producer; Ryan Barkan, Mike Ladman, music supervisors; Jonny Bauer, global chief strategy officer; Ben Brown, strategy director; Brian Nguyen, group communications strategist; Samantha Sutantio, sr. communications strategist; PJ Mongell, strategist; Lily Ng, data strategy director; Christina Fieni, data strategist. Production Arts & Sciences Adam & Dave, directors; Toby Irwin, DP; Marc Marrie, exec producer; Mal Ward, managing director; Christa Skotland, head of production; Pat Harris, producer. Production (tabletop) Woodshop Trevor Shepard, director; Sam Swisher, exec producer; Dan Marcus, producer. Editorial Arcade Editorial Greg Scruton, editor; Fernando Raigoza, Jr., assistant editor; Sila Soyer, exec producer; Alexa Atkin, producer. Postproduction MPC Camilla De Biaggi, exec producer, VFX; Dani Zeitlin, exec producer, color; Elissa Norman, sr. producer. Music Pulse Music Dan Kuby, exec producer; Danny Bensi, Saunder Jurriaans, composers. Audio Sonic Union Paul Weiss, Pat Sullivan, mixers.



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