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Dougal Wilson Directs "#BustertheBoxer" for John Lewis, adam&eveDDB


Robert Goldrich
Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016


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Set to a cover version of the song “One Day I’ll Fly Away,” recorded by the British band Vaults, this two-minute spot for John Lewis out of adam&eveDDB tells a magical, make-believe story of Buster the Boxer dog and his family at Christmas.  We are introduced to a little girl named Bridget who loves to jump. Her parents buy her a trampoline for Christmas and hide it in the garden to surprise her with on Christmas Day.   However, after dark, in a magical world observed only by Buster, a cast of wildlife animals emerges--two foxes, a badger, a squirrel, and a hedgehog--who discover the trampoline and have fun jumping. On Christmas morning, Bridget excitedly runs out into the garden to discover her present--however Buster bounds past her and starts bouncing on her trampoline. She watches him wide-eyed.

As the story brings to life some of Britain’s most-loved wildlife, John Lewis has chosen The Wildlife Trusts to be this year’s Christmas campaign charity partner.

The two-minute ad was directed by Dougal Wilson of Blink Productions.


Client John Lewis Agency adam&eveDDB, London Ben Priest, chief creative officer; Richard Brim, Ben Tollett, executive creative directors; Ben Stilitz, copywriter; Colin Booth, art director; David Golding, chief strategy officer; Martin Beverley, planning partner; Panos Louca, producer; Sion Prys, assistant producer. Production Blink Productions Dougal Wilson, director; Nick Goldsmith, producer; Joost Van Gelder, DP; Hannah Fowles-Pazdro, production manager; Jack Bingham, production assistant. Post/VFX MPC Julie Evans, VFX exec producer; Hannah Ruddleston, VFX producer; Sandra Ekland, VFX line producer; Diarmid Harrison-Murray, creative director VFX; Jean-Clement Soret, colorist; Tom Harding, Tito Fernandes, shoot supervisors; Fabian Frank, VFX supervisor 3D; Tom Harding, VFX supervisor 2D; Tim van Hussen, animation supervisor; Chloe Dawes, Anthony Bloor, Ben Thomas, Graham Cristie, Jessie Amadio, Julien Labussiere, Luca Maccarelli, Matthew Gifford, Radu Ciubotariu, Tito Fernandes, Tushar Kewali, Vincent Ullman, Will Laban, Hanna Binswanger, Max Mallmann, Jessica Groom, Ankit Dheraj Toppo, Earnest Victor, Ganesh Kumar S., Bibin Balan P, Gayatri Patel, Jyoti Prakash Panda, Manjunath Ramakrishnaiah, Inigo Vimal Roy, Ria Banerjee, Gerard Dunleavy, 3D VFX team; Grant White, David Filipe, Andreas Feix, Alex Snookes, Venkatesh Rajagopal, Ginesh Gandhi, Jonathan Box, Amresh Kumar, Padma Priya, Prasanth Palaparthi, Rajesh Kumar, Shalwin Shaiju, Yasasvini V, R Vignest, S. Samson Samuel, Shalwin Shaiju, 2D VFX team. Soundtrack “One Day I’ll Fly Away,” Randy Crawford, composer; performed by Vauyts. Music Supervision Company Leland Music Abi Leland, Ed Bailie, music supervisors. Audio Factory Anthony Moore, sound design and mix; Becs Bell, audio producer. Editorial Final Cut Rick Russell, editor.

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