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Director Wayne McClammy, BBH NY, ILM, The Mill Create "Rivalry" For PlayStation, Star Wars Battlefront II


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017


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Featuring two kids--a boy who loves the Light Side and a girl aligning herself with the Dark Side--this spot promoting PlayStation and the Star Wars Battlefront II game speaks to a friendship that blossoms through rivalry.

We watch the boy and girl grow up, constantly trying to one-up each other. It begins innocently enough with the boy destroying a TIE fighter piñata but the girl strikes back by building a jaw-dropping Death Star treehouse. As they get older, their pranks ramp up, reaching the classroom, the football field, and even the high school parking lot.  

Eventually, time passes and the two are all grown up, but their rivalry is still alive and strong. While sitting in his apartment, a full sized AT-AT, piloted by the girl, marches towards him.  She gives him a sly wave and unleashes an epic barrage of laser fire, upping the ante.  In an incredible moment of chaos and excitement, he flees and bursts into the midst of a battle on the snow-covered Starkiller Base. As TIE fighters crash out of the sky and blaster fire rains down from above, the two stare each other down on the battlefield before charging at one another.  

It’s clear, there’s only one place this rivalry will be settled: in Star Wars Battlefront II on PS4.

Wayne McClammy of Hungry Man directed “Rivalry” for BBH New York, with visual effects by Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) and The Mill.


Client PlayStation, PS4, Star Wars Battlefront II Agency BBH New York Gerard Caputo, chief creative officer; Alex Booker, Philip Sicklinger, creative directors; Aimee Perrin, art director; Stu Rubin, copywriter; Kate Morrison, head of production; Adam Perloff, executive producer; Christopher Galvin, associate producer; Kendra Salvatore, head of strategy; Alex Beerden, Dylan Fauss, strategists; Zack Green, communications strategist. Production Hungry Man Wayne McClammy, director; Dion Beebe, DP; Mino Jarjoura, exec producer; Dave Bernstein, line producer. Editorial Work Editorial Jono Griffith, editor; Ellie McNaughtan, Trevor Myers, assistant editors; Jamie Lynn Perritt, producer; Jane Dilworth, exec producer. VFX Industrial Light & Magic Hayden Landis, associate VFX supervisor; John Levin, Talmage Watson, layout supervisors; Paul Kavanaugh, animation supervisor; Leandro Estebecorena, lighting supervising technical director; Jason Porter, Mike Conte, compositing supervisors; Megan Matousek, VFX producer; Emily Nelson, associate VFX production manager. VFX (vignettes) The Mill Nathan Kane, VFX creative director, shoot supervisor; Siro Valente, lead compositor; Marco Baratto, Kyle Zemborain, compositing artists; Christian Neilsson, CG  lead; Gregory Gangemi, shoot supervisor; Chris Kiser, exec producer; Nirad “Bugs” Russell, sr. producer; Perry Tate, line producer; Zach Fortin, production coordinator; Fergus McCall, colorist. Audio Skywalker Sound Bonnie Wild, re-recording/mixer. Music Star Wars music composed by John Williams; Star Wars music master, Lucasfilm/Disney; Star Wars Music Publishing Disney; Warner/Chappell. Original Music Woodwork Music Phil Kay, composer.

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