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Director Tim Godsall, twofifteenmccann Are "In the Know" For Hulu


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2017


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To promote the new season of the Hulu Original series The Path, agency twofifteenmccann set up an experiment to shine a light on an all too human behavior:  lying about watching certain TV shows just to seem in the know.

Directed by Tim Godsall of Anonymous Content, this web short titled “In The Know” captures actors in L.A. turning out to audition for a role in The Path. They are getting the opportunity to audition with the show’s star, Aaron Paul. One by one, the actors enter a room and are asked if they were familiar with the series plot.  Would they improvise a response even if clueless?

This new exposé, to run on digital and social channels, merrily builds on Hulu’s brand invitation to “Come TV With Us” and offers a simple alternative to being caught in a tangled web of lies: watch all the episodes of hit TV shows, premium originals and movies on Hulu.


Client Hulu Agency twofifteenmccann Scott Duchon, chief creative officer; Justin Hargraves, associate creative director/art director; Rob Katzenstein, associate creative director/copywriter; Alex Spahr, director of integrated production; Mai Huynh, sr. producer; Gabrielle Tenaglia, Janene Lin, Paige Robertson, strategy team. Production Anonymous Content Tim Godsall, director; Andre Pienaar, DP; James Graves, line producer; Eric Stern, exec producer; Kerry Haynie, head of production; Paul Austerberry, production designer. Editorial Cut+Run Andy Green, editor; Michelle Esking, managing director; Amburr Farls, L.A. exec producer; Deanne Mehling, San Francisco exec producer; Jared Thomas,  producer. Color Company 3 Dave Hussey, colorist. Music Asche and Spencer Audio Post Lime Studios

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