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Director Max Malkin, CHI&Partners "Walk" For Hive


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Jul. 5, 2017


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The latest spot in smart home brand Hive’s “Let’s Get Living” campaign from agency CHI& Partners has debuted in the U.K. before rolling out later across the U.S. and Canada. Titled “Walk,” the spot shows a mom out on a nature walk, enjoying the beautiful, peaceful surroundings. 

Suddenly she wonders about her teenage daughter. So mom simply checks via her Hive Camera app that the teen is indeed safely home. With this knowledge and peace of mind, mom can return to reveling in her walk.

Max Malkin of PRETTYBIRD directed “Walk.”


Client Hive Agency CHI&Partners Micky Tudor, joint executive creative director; Jay Fretwell, creative director; William Cottam, Duncan Brooks, creatives; Rob Steiner, TV producer; Ruby Hill, creative producer; Hannah Greene, production assistant. Production PRETTYBIRD Max Malkin, director; John Lynch, DP; Ted Thornton, producer. Color The Mill VFX Big Buoy Polly Durrance, producer. Editorial The Whitehouse Sam Gunn, editor; Antonia Porter, producer. Audio Wave Aaron Reynolds, Tom Heddy, engineers. Music Tin Drum Music

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