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Director Filip Engstrom, BBH NY Team On PlayStation VR "Star Wars" Promo


Robert Goldrich
Friday, Oct. 7, 2016


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PlayStation and BBH NY unveiled their new campaign to promote PlayStation VR, the breakthrough virtual reality headset which debuts in stores on October 13. 

The first spot focuses on the Star Wars franchise.  As a gamer dons the PSVR headset, the first clue of what’s to come is when a cup on the coffee table begins to tremble on a table, as though an earthquake is imminent. Quickly the action escalates, as the entire living room begins to shatter, with furniture and walls themselves being sucked away with cyclonic force. As the gamer’s entire surroundings are pulled into this vortex, he emerges again, now in a new world, transformed into a Rebel Fighter pilot of an iconic Star Wars X-wing, soaring through a galaxy far, far away. The spot concludes with the tag line, “Greatness Awaits.” 

Filip Engstrom of Smuggler directed.


Client Sony PlayStation/PlayStation VR Agency BBH New York John Patroulis, creative chairman; Ari Weiss, chief creative officer; Colin Kim, Lucas Bongioanni, creative directors; Diego Fonseca, art director; Spencer Campbell, copywriter; Kate Morrison, head of production; Sam Kilbreth, sr. producer; Kendra Salvatore, strategy director; Megan Piro, communications strategy director. Production Smuggler Filip Engstrom, director; Shannon Jones, exec producer; Gustav Geldenhuys, line producer; Nicolaj Bruel, DP. Editorial General Editorial Noah Herzog, editor; Robert Parker, exec producer. Visual Effects Jamm Jake Montgomery, 2D VFX supervisor/lead Flame; Andy Boyd, 3D VFX supervisor/lead CG; Asher Edwards, exec producer; Ashley Greyson, producer.  Color MPC Jean-Clement Soret, global creative director of color grading/colorist; Ellora Chowdhury, head of color, London; Dani Zeitlin, exec producer, color, NY; Adrienne McNeary, producer, color NY. Audio Sonic Union Steve Rosen, mixer. Audio Skywalker Sound; Matthew Wood, supervising sound editor/mixer; Trey Turner, additional supervising sound editor/mixer; Brandon Proctor, mixer; Zach Martin, sound editor. Music/Sound Q Department, NY Additional Music/Sound Design Skywalker Sound John Williams, composer

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