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Director Derek Cianfrance Powers Through Expectations For Powerade, W+K


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016


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Powerade’s “Power Through” campaign centers on a series of seven short stories about the doubters all young athletes face in life and sport, especially if they don’t quite fit the mold. It shows that there are two options: you can listen to your doubters and give up, or you can use their negativity as motivation to power through and achieve your dreams. Haters are the best motivators. 

In this short titled “Power Through Expectations,” a female football player excels despite a nay-saying coach. To keep it authentic, the guys and girls casted to play the young athletes are actual athletes and not trained actors. In “Power Through Expectations,” for example, the woman is in real life a defensive lineman for the NY Sharks in the IWFL (Independent Women’s Football League). 

The films currently live on Powerade’s YouTube channel, and have been posted in the company’s social channels. The main media for these films reside in Twitter’s livestream media inventory.


Client Powerade Agency Wieden+Kennedy, Portland, Ore. Max Stinson, Erik Fahrenkopf, creative directors; Adam Tetreault, copywriter; Derrick Ho, art director; Ben Grylewicz, executive producer; Lindsay Reed, sr. producer; Ricara Stokes, producer. Tiffany Golden, assistant manager; Mark Fitzloff, Joe Staples, executive creative directors. Production RadicalMedia Derek Cianfrance, director; Donna Portaro, exec producer; Frank Dituri, head of production; Cody Ryder, DP; Christopher Blauvelt, DP.  Editorial Work Editorial Rich Orrick, editor; Arielle Zakowski, assistant editor; Marlo Baird, producer. VFX Electric Theatre Collective Ant Walsham, artist; Kate Hitchings, exec producer. Music/Sound Joint Editorial Noah Woodburn, sound designer. Audio Post Joint Editorial Noah Woodburn, mixer; Sarah Fink, producer.

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