Thursday, October 27, 2016
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Director Aoife McArdle Poses "Question" For Secret, W+K


Robert Goldrich
Saturday, May. 28, 2016


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This slice of life at a restaurant flips the norm, showing us a woman taking the initiative and about to propose marriage to a man--underscoring the value of Secret Stress-Tested for Women deodorant.

Titled “The Question,” this spot was conceived by a creative team at Wieden+Kennedy, Portland, Ore., and directed by Aoife McArdle via Anonymous Content.


Client Procter & Gamble/Secret Agency Wieden+Kennedy, Portland, Ore. Justine Armour, creative director/writer; Caio Lazurri, creative director; Johan Arlig, art director; Brooke Barker, copywriter; Jessica Staples, producer; Michael Holz, interactive strategy; Carly Presho-Dunne, social strategy; Angela Jones, strategic planning. Production Anonymous Content Aoife McArdle, director; SueEllen Clair, exec producer; Sally Campbell, exec producer (Somesuch); Christopher Gallagher, producer; Alexis Zabe, DP. Editorial Final Cut Paul Zucker, editor; Eric McCasline, exec post producer; Suzy Ramirez, head of production; Sarita White, producer. Visual Effects MPC Los Angeles Elexis Stern, exec producer; Ben Persons, shoot supervisor; Mark Gethin, colorist; Susanne Scharping, VFX lead; Sandra Ross, Vincent Blin, Warren Paleos, VFX; Kathleen Kirkman, designer. Music Marmoset Will Canzoneri, composer; Tim Shrout, producer. Sound Design Barking Owl Michael Anastasi, sound designer; Kelly Bayett, exec producer. Audio Post Lime Studios Sam Casas, mixer.



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