Wednesday, July 26, 2017
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Deutsch Awakens The Green Giant


Robert Goldrich
Friday, Sep. 23, 2016


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In this teaser-style trailer, we see people all across the country looking skyward. Eventually we discover that their upward gaze is directed at the American advertising icon The Green Giant--though we don’t see him until the end tag and even then he's hidden in the shadows.

Nonetheless, it seems the Green Giant has awakened and is returning to the Valley once more. This short is part of a 360 campaign hinting at the Giant’s imminent return this fall.

The work is Deutsch New York’s first step in reinventing The Green Giant for a modern audience and making him just as culturally relevant to Americans now as he was in his glory days. “The Giant Awakens” was directed by Patrick Daughters via production house Gorgeous.


Client B&G Foods, Inc./Green Giant Agency Deutsch NY Pete Favat, chief creative officer, North America; Dan Kelleher, chief creative officer; Matt McKay, Menno Kluin, executive creative directors; James Cowie, Rich Kolopeaua, creative directors; Fanny Josefsson, copywriter; Joe Calabrese, director of integrated production; Andrea Curtin, executive producer. Production Gorgeous, West Hollywood, Calif. Patrick Daughters, director; Maddi Carlton, exec producer; Mala Vasan, line producer. Editorial Rock Paper Scissors, NY Adam Pertofsky, editor; Marjorie Sacks, assistant editor. Telecine MPC, London Jean-Clement Soret, colorist. VFX The Mill NY End Tag Animation/Graphics The Mill NY Music/Licensed Woodwork Music, London Audio Heard City, NY Phil Heard, sound designer/mixer

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