Friday, October 28, 2016
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DDB NY, Director Henry Scholfield Are "Cooler In Cotton"


Robert Goldrich
Friday, Jul. 8, 2016


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This catchy musical spot is the centerpiece of Cotton Incorporated’s “#CoolerInCotton” integrated campaign from DDB New York.

Directed by Henry Scholfield of Caviar, the video--portrays an array of sweaty situations that consumers may be apt to find themselves in this summer should they wear something other than cotton. Needless to say, while everyone else is melting around her, our perky star dances and sings her way into our hearts, all the while keeping cool in her fashion-forward cotton attire. 

Music composer was Stephan Altman of Mophonics.


Client Cotton Incorporated Agency DDB New York Icaro Doria, chief creative officer; Cassandra Anderson, creative director; Marilyn Kam, associate creative director; Mina Mikhael, sr. art director; Turan Tuluy, copywriter; Ed Zazzera, head of production; Teri Altman, executive producer; Robin West, sr. social strategist. Production Caviar Henry Scholfield, director; Michael Sagol, Jasper Thomlinson, Darren Foldes, Nicola Kenney, Sorcha Shepherd, exec producers; Giles Skillicorn, producer; Marc Gomez Del Moral, DP; Olivier Casamayou, choreographer; Alexandra Day, costume; Natasa Rogelj, art director. Music Mophonics Stephan Altman, composer/exec producer; Shelley Altman, exec producer. Editorial Cosmo Street Tom Scherma, editor; Maura Woodward, exec producer; Anne Lai, producer. Postproduction Framestore NY Derek Macleod-Veilleux, exec producer; Martin Lazaro, sr. Flame artist; Greg Gaskins, Flame artist.

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