Tuesday, July 25, 2017
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David&Goliath Stages "Talent Show" For Kia


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Sep. 27, 2016


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The average person’s attention span is just eight seconds. To promote the 2017 Kia Forte, agency David&Goliath plays on this insight by showing where the mind might wander (while driving) after eight seconds has elapsed.
In the :30 “Talent Show,” an aspiring singer daydreams that she is on stage performing in a competitive singing show. Kia Forte’s driver assist technologies bring her back to reality as the automatic braking system helps to avert a potential accident.

Phil Morrison and Joe Ventura of Epoch Films directed for agency David&Goliath.


Client Kia Agency David&Goliath Colin Jeffery, chief creative officer; Mike Geiger, chief digital officer; Seema Miller, chief strategy officer; Paul Albanese, director of broadcast production; Christopher Coleman, executive broadcast producer; Andrea Mariash, director of art production. Production Epoch Films Phil Morrison, director; Joe Ventura, director; Toby Irwin, DP; Melissa Culligan, exec producer; Megan Murphree, head of production; Pat Frazier, producer. Editorial Spinach Editorial Grant Surmi, editor (courtesy of Exile); Grant Hall, assistant editor (courtesy of Exile); Adam Bright, editor (Hispanic market); Carlos Crooks, assistant editor (Hispanic market); Jonathan Carpio, Patricia Gushikuma, producers. VFX Eight VFX Shira Boardman, exec producer; Juliet Tierney, head of production; Philip Ineno, VFX supervisor; Colleen Brattesani, Anthony Petitti, Flame artists; Yann Mallard, art director; Marianne Magne, Nuke artist; Fred Hopp, CG supervisor; Jaguar Lee, matte painter; Lynn Luckoff, VFX producer; Evan Kantor, VFX coordinator; Philippe Chotard, system engineer. Licensed Music Tori Kelly “Hollow” (general market); Fifth Harmony “Sin Tu Amor” (Hispanic market). Sound Design stimmung Gus Koven, sound designer, Ceinwyn Clark, exec producer. Audio Post 740 Sound Larry Winer, sound engineer.

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