Tuesday, October 25, 2016
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Dave Laden Directs "Park" For Grandma’s Cookies, Goodby Silverstein & Partners


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Apr. 26, 2016


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“Are you my Grandma?”

That’s the prevailing query in this new ad campaign for Grandma’s Cookies from Goodby Silverstein & Partners. The warm, cozy feeling of being with your grandmother is triggered when a person is munching on Grandma’s Cookies.

In each spot of the campaign--directed by Dave Laden of Hungry Man--someone is eating a Grandma’s Cookie. The cookie smells so delicious, looks so homemade and sparks nostalgic feelings so that onlookers become convinced that this person must be their grandma. Like, their actual grandma. And absolutely nothing will convince them otherwise.

In “Park,” a girl walks up to a burly guy sitting on a park bench and eating a Grandma’s Cookie. She is convinced the he is her grandma and even asks “him” to knit her a sweater. Amusingly enough, he acquiesces.


Client Grandma’s Cookies Agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco Jeff Goodby, Rich Silverstein, co-chairmen; Margaret Johnson, executive creative director/partner; Jon Wolanske, creative director; Sean Farrell, art director; Colin Nissan. copywriter; Hilary Coate, executive producer; Conor Duignan, sr. producer; Ralph Paone, brand strategy director.  Production Hungry Man Dave Laden, director; Kevin Byrne, managing partner/exec producer; Dan Duffy, exec producer; Caleb Dewart, producer. Editorial HutchCo Jimmy Hutchins, editor; Patrick O’Leary, assistant editor; Jane Hutchins, exec producer. Postproduction HutchCo Jonny Mepheeters, colorist; Austin Hickman-Fain, lead Flame. Music Derek and Brandon Feichter, composers. Sound Design One Union Eben Carr, sound designer; Lauren Mask, producer. Audio Post One Union Eben Carr, mixer; Lauren Mask, producer.



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