Wednesday, October 26, 2016
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Comedy Central Rolls Out Parody Movie Trailer For Popeyes Chicken


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Jun. 21, 2016


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Cameron Harris of production house Gravy directed this parody movie trailer for Comedy Central which promotes Popeyes Southern Fair tenders and Cajun fries. The piece tells the story of a country boy who overcomes obstacles to become more “Southern Fair” to land the girl of his dreams. 

The young couple faces backlash after the woman’s family disapproves of the match, claiming that her desired suitor is “not Fair enough” for her, and pushing her towards Chester, the corn dog dipper instead. In the end, our love-struck hero shows up with a box of Popeyes Southern Fair tenders and Cajun fries, earning the love and acceptance of all.

Contributing to the tongue-in-cheek story was sound designer/mixer Jody Nazzaro of SuperExploder. “It was a lot of fun working on a non-standard project with a twist and making it feel like a real trailer,” said Nazzaro. “With the audio, I felt like less was more. I wanted to let the voiceover and the dialogue carry it into a comedic misdirection.”


Client Popeyes Agency Comedy Central Beth Trentacoste, VP/creative director; Benjamin Casper, writer. Production Gravy Cameron Harris, director; Kai Saul, DP; Anthony Dash, editor. Audio Post Superexploder Jody Nazzaro, sound designer/mixer; Meredith Nazzaro, sr. producer.



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