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Burbridge, Cox Co-Direct "Not Too Sweet" For Oreo Thins, FCB Shanghai


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Jun. 28, 2016


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Directed by Solomon Burbridge and Joshua Cox of Design Lab, this hybrid live action/CG commercial titled “Not Too Sweet” for Oreo Thins out of FCB Shanghai shows a stylish girl exploring a lightly surreal town where everything she comes across is sweet but not too sweet. Produced for the Chinese market, the spot focuses on modern art direction, color theory and editorial style. The tone throughout is sophisticated and whimsical, but with an edge.

“The environments and set pieces have a deliberate balance between realistic and graphic. This gives the commercial its unique look,” said Burbridge.
Solomon Burbridge, Co-Director of Design Lab

“Color was also very important to us on this project. The warm pink tones of the first half of the spot are in direct contrast to the blues and greens of the second half which helps guide the story,” added Cox.


Client Oreo Thins Agency FCB Shanghai Production Tribe/Bent Design Lab Derrick Huang, exec producer; Paul Diener, producer. Production Design Lab Solomon Burbridge, Joshua Cox, directors/design; Stef Kofman, lead TD; Galen Beals, Josh Look, 3D animation; Sarah DeFlaminis, Patrick Coan, Joshua Cox, 3D lighting artists; Stef Kofman, Patrick Coan, VFX; Paul DeSilva, lead composite; Orland Nutt, composite.

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