Friday, October 28, 2016
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Brian Lee Hughes Directs "Puppy" For Subaru, Carmichael Lynch


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2016


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Brian Lee Hughes directed the new Barkley Family campaign for Subaru, featuring dogs who are equal parts adorable, humorous and touching. In this spot titled “Puppy,” a dog drives around in a Subaru with his pup in the back seat, ensconced in a doggie car seat. Sure enough, the motion of the car lulls the pup to sleep--until the car makes its way back home to the driveway at which point pop opens the driver side door, waking the pup. So it’s back on the road in another trip designed to induce slumber.

A super reads, “Dog tested, Dog approved.”

The campaign is a return engagement for Hughes with agency Carmichael Lynch. This is the director’s second outing with the Barkleys--a follow up to 2014’s “Meet the Barkleys” campaign. The new campaign spots, including “Puppy,” will air nationally in the coming weeks, including during Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl XII on Feb. 7.


Client Subaru of America Agency Carmichael Lynch Randy Hughes executive creative director; Nick Hart, Nick Nelson, copywriters; Michael Rogers, associate creative director/art director; Joe Grundhoefer, head of production; Brynn Hausjann, executive sr.  producer; Kelsey Doherty, project management. Production Skunk Brian Lee Hughes, director; Shelly Townsend, COO, exec producer; Jeanne Stawiarski, EP, head of production; Geoff McClean, line producer; Jason McCormick, DP; Matt Factor, president. Editorial Drive Thru Mick Uzendoski, editor; Derek Johnson, Smoke/Flame artist; Beth Wilson, producer. Post Company 3 Sean Coleman, colorist. Audio Mix/Sound Design  Sister Boss/Carl White; Annie Sparrows, post audio producer. Music “Buster Naptime” by Echo Boys Talent The Barkley Family (dogs)



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