Saturday, October 22, 2016
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Blacklist, Tendril Team On Nike's "LunarEpic Low"


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Jul. 20, 2016


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Following up on the launch of its futuristic running shoe, the LunarEpic Flyknit, Nike has just released another new spot from its creative partnership with production house Blacklist and animation studio Tendril. Thematically similar to the first film released earlier this year which originally unveiled the much anticipated new sneaker concept, “LunarEpic Low” marries a close-up look at the LunarEpic’s unique organic textures and flowing lines with an interstellar vibe and lets us watch them as they materialize before our eyes amongst a series of wild alien landscapes.


Client Nike David Brady, global brand design, running art director; Denise Wild, global brand design, running studio manager; Noah Stanik, global brand communicationn studio EP; Meagen Moore, global brand communication studio producer. Production Blacklist Andrew Linsk, EP; Justin Harris, Karen Lawler, producers. Animation Tendril Chris Bahry, Tom Crate, co-directors; Kate Bate, EP; John Szebegyinszki, producer; Greg Boychuk, storyboards; Tom Crate, editor; Chris Bahry, Evaldas Cesnavicius, Wojtek Szklarski, pitch concepts; Alasgar Hasanov, Rafael Santos, Alexandre Veaux, Florent Arnould, Christoffer Bjerre, Marcelo Souza, Will Sharkey, 3D artists; Alasgar Hasanov, Marcin Porebski, FX; Alexandre Veaux, Marcelo Souza, Christoffer Bjerre, Lorne Kwechansky, lighting & render; Christian Hecht, Ben Pilgrim, additional 3D artists; Chris Bahry, Alexandre Veaux, Lorne Kwechansky, compositing; Leo Mateus, Marissa Godwin, 2D animation. Music Cypher Audio Sound Design & Music John Black


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