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The Best Work You May Never See: UNHCR's "Refugee" Directed By Martin Krejci


Robert Goldrich
Monday, Feb. 29, 2016


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This spot for UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency) takes us back to 1988 when a young father and his son in Czechoslovakia risk life and limb aboard a makeshift glider to fly to freedom in Western Europe.

A parting super reminds viewers in the Czech Republic that “we were the refugees once”--a message that carries relevance today given the refugee crisis which has gripped the world.

Martin Krejci directed this cinema ad produced by Stink London and Stilking Films Prague for agency Y&R Prague. This spot just began running in Cine Star Cinemas chain across the Czech Republic. Other theaters have already been showing the piece throughout the country. Titled “Refugee,” the public service ad will also be screened at the One World festival in Prague, and aired in 32 other cities across the Czech Republic.


Client UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency) Agency Y&R Prague Tereza Sverakova, executive creative director; Dora Pruzincova, creative director/copy; Evridiki Kemanes, art director; Tom Tomasek, Jan Seidl, production. Production Stink London/Stilking Films Prague Martin Krejci, director; Jan Velicky, DP; Daniel Bergmann, exec producer; Andrea Chadimova, producer. Editorial Robota  Filip Malasek, editor. Sound Design Barrandov Sound Ivo Heger, sound designer. Music Michal Pelant, composer.

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