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The Best Work You May Never See: SSVP's "B.E.N." From CLM BBDO, Paris


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2016


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This short introduces us to Claudine, an elderly lady who spends her time with B.E.N., a companion robot. But the quality of that time comes into question--particularly as it concerns being able to combat the woman’s loneliness.

B.E.N. is an abbreviation for “Bionically Engineered Nursing.” And despite the amazing technology, there’s no substitute for the human touch to remedy a person’s isolation. Through this short, the Society of Saint-Vincent-De-Paul (SSVP), a charity network in France, makes the case for people to volunteer and spend time with those in need  of human interaction. SSVP has been fighting loneliness and isolation since its founding in 1833,

Ad agency CLM BBDO, Paris, came up with the concept for this short, titled “B.E.N.,” which was directed by David Wilson via Paris production house La Pac.  


Client Society of Saint-Vincent-De-Paul Agency CLM BBDO Matthieu Elkaim, creative director, BBDO Paris Charles Dessaux, art director; Emile Martin, copywriter; Julien Sanson, production director, BBDO Paris; Martine Ferey, post producer, BBDO Paris; Corentin Monot, strategic planning director; Ophelia Doria, strategic planner; Lauren Weber, communications director. Production La Pac David Wilson, director; Jérôme Denis, Anna Roudaut, executive producers; Antoine Ricard, 1st assistant director; Victor Seguin, DP. Editorial Roxane Huet Ferret and Emily Aubry, editors. Postproduction Mikros Fabrice Damolini, post producer; Laruent Creusot, Jao M’changama, Flame; Sebastien Mingam, Magalie Leonard, grading. Sound Production THE Raphaël Fruchard, sound producer.

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