Friday, October 28, 2016
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The Best Work You May Never See: Special Olympics' "I Am Your Fan" From Y&R Mexico


Robert Goldrich
Friday, May. 27, 2016


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Director Rodrigo Garcia Saiz of L.A.-based Central Films North captures the unwavering pride and devotion of a father in this touching spot “I Am Your Fan” for Special Olympics out of Young & Rubicam Mexico.

The spot depicts a footballer anxiously and gleefully awaiting the arrival of his first child—a boy. When the birth finally arrives, we see that though the child brings an unexpected surprise with her arrival, his love continues as strong as ever. And rather than teach his child about football, the youngster teaches him about life.


Client: Special Olympics  Agency: Young & Rubicam Mexico Chief Executive Officer, Héctor Fernández; Chief Creative Officer, Saúl Escobar; Executive Creative Director, Karla Santa Anna; Creative Director / Copywriter, Manuel Guillén; Creative Director / Copywriter, Mario Vivanco; Associate Creative Director / Copywriter, Marco de León; Regional Creative Director, Martin Goldberg; Global Proyect Manager, Paul Schulman; VP Account Managing Director, Britta Dahl; VP Account Managing Director, Lorena Ramos; Account Director, Daniela Toledo; Account Supervisor, Maricela Magaña; Global Strategic Planning Director, Sandy Thompson; Agency Producer, Bernardo Salúm Production Company: Central Films Director, Rodrigo García Saiz; Executive Producer, Mauricio Francini; Cinematographer, Mateo Londono; Vivi López, Wardrobe; Art Director, Oscar Carnicero; Editor, Leonel Pérez; Post Production, Patricia Guerra  Post Production: Cluster Studio  Music and sound house: Apollo Studios Audio Production, Benedicte Leclere; Production / Creative Direction / Sound Design / Mix, Gabriel Gagnon; Sound Design, Pierre-Hugues Rondeau;  Music, Jesse Gnaedinger  Voice Over: Sam McGovern

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