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The Best Work You May Never See: SMITH Optics' "Seafood" From MING Utility and Entertainment


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Jun. 1, 2016


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Linus Karlsson, founding partner and CCO of MING Utility & Entertainment Group, and Josh Nussbaum of m ss ng p ieces teamed to direct this “Fishing Without ChromaPop” campaign for SMITH Optics’ ChromaPop sunglasses, anchored by a comedy web series which introduces us to the offbeat characters Frank & Marty. Eight out of 10 people like ChromaPop sunglasses for the great brightened view of the world they provide--and the glasses are billed as being particularly good for fishing. But the two guys who don’t believe in the product are Frank & Marty, a pair of Florida charter boat fishermen who go out of their way to dispute every positive claimed benefit of the sunglasses.

The overall series includes teaser vignettes, three short videos and a longer hero video. The quirky humor of this “Seafood” short sheds light on Frank & Marty as Frank shows us in his own unique way how to make squid palatable for kids.


Client SMITH Optics Agency Ming Utility and Entertainment Linus Karlsson, chief creative officer; Brian DiLorenzo, head of production; Rasmus Keger, Joanna Crean, creative directors; Johan Leborg, Natalie Kocsis, creatives; Olga Vladova, titles/graphics; Ilaria Conte, production manager. Production m ss ng p eces Linus Karlsson, Josh Nussbaum, directors; Ari Kuschnir, Kate Oppenheim, exec producers; Dave Saltzman, head of production; Brian Quinlan, producer; Adam Jandrup, DP; Dafna Harrison, assistant director; Mark Dillon, art direction; Joe Falasca, production supervisor. Editorial jumP Editorial David Johnston, Luis Moreno, editors; Wade Weliever, exe producer; Mickey Micklos, assistant editor. Music/Mix We Are Walker/Heard Studios Peter Gannon, Rachel Rauch, music producers; Heath Raymond, producer; Mike Vitacco, engineer. Postproduction Color Collective Alex Bickel, colorist; Claudia Guevara, exec producer.

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