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The Best Work You May Never See: Merrick Pet Care's "Best Day Ever" For TDA_Boulder


Robert Goldrich
Friday, Sep. 16, 2016


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Agency TDA_Boulder created this “Best Day Ever” campaign for Merrick Pet Care starring Baby Joey, a stray puppy who was found on the street with partially amputed hind legs. A series of videos tell the heartbreaking yet touching story of Baby Joey and his journey through the process of getting new prosthetic legs.

Taken in by Second Chance Rescue in New York, Joey’s story reached Merrick Pet Care who paid for all of his medical care, prosthetics and rehabilitation at Water 4 Dogs. Baby Joey’s videos are the base for a broader reaching campaign where Merrick aims to give dogs the best day ever to return the endless joy that dogs provide to humans.


Client Merrick Pet Care Agency TDA_Boulder Jonathan Schoenberg, writer/executive creative director; Thomas Dooley, executive creative director; Haley Garyet, sr. art director; Lindsey Ritter, Kate Osborne, producers; Constance DeCherney, director of strategy; Amy Morgenstern, videography; John Snelson, editor; John Hope, production manager.

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