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The Best Work You May Never See: Mercedes-Benz's "The Encounter" From BBDO Paris


Robert Goldrich
Friday, Jan. 6, 2017


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A boy perched on his bicycle becomes fascinated with a Mercedes-Benz which is new to the neighborhood. He waits to watch it pull into the driveway of a home, receiving a nod of acknowledgment from the E Class Wagon’s driver. Later, the boy is then joined by other kids on bikes who patiently await to see the automobile again make its way to the house’s driveway. It turns out they are enamored with the vehicle’s technical innovation--which is finally revealed to us when its owner commands the now driverless, parked car to back into the garage.

This story of a machine eliciting fanciful admiration from youngsters goes beyond your standard product demo. At the same time we see the auto parking pilot capability, one of the Mercedes Me services. A creative team at BBDO Paris conceived of this narrative shrouded in good-humored mystery. 

Titled The Encounter, this short was directed by Matthieu Mantovani of production house Mile Inn.


Client Mercedes-Benz Agency BBDO Paris Matthieu Elkaim, executive creative director; Julie Benmoussa, executive creative director (Proximity); Clement Dantzer, Benoit Lagalle, creatives; Julien Sanson, manager, production department; Paul Johanet, Charlotte Montrichard, group managers; Sandra Sancho, project manager; Loic Mercier, VP strategy; Nicolas Orsoni, VP, strategic planning. Production Mile Inn Matthieu Mantovani, director  Postproduction Martine Ferey, post producer. Editorial Damien Dupoux, editor.

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