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The Best Work You May Never See: McCann NY, Director Derek Cianfrance Show The Real Joy Of Winning NY Lottery


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2017


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Lottery advertising often gravitates to the luxury items money can buy--the so-called good life replete with upscale cars, homes, diamonds and other extravagances. But McCann NY took a different turn for the New York Lottery’s Cash4Life game--showing that good fortune in the lotto can free people to spend time doing what makes them truly happy.

In this launch film directed by Derek Cianfrance of RadicalMedia, we meet a man who spends the time he won volunteering with rescue dogs.

Other films, as well as print, digital and social efforts, will show more ways New Yorkers would spend their days--not their dollars--if they won Cash4Life’s top prize of $1,000 a day for life, and invite us all to imagine how we’d spend ours.


Client New York Lottery Agency McCann New York Eric Silver, North American chief creative officer; Sean Bryan, Tom Murphy, co-chief creative officers; Matt Bisher, Dan Donovan, executive creative directors; Geoff Bentz, Nic Howell, creative directors; Nathy Aviram, chief production officer; Chance Bassett, sr. producer; Eric Johnson, executive integrated music producer; Dan Gross, music producer; Mike Medeiros, executive strategy director; Laura Frank, strategy director. Production RadicalMedia Derek Cianfrance, director; Bob Yeoman, DP; Gregg Carlesimo, exec producer; Alex Orlovsky, line producer. Editorial MackCut Ian Mackenzie, editor; Gina Pagano, post producer. Color Company 3 Tom Poole, colorist. VFX Schmidigital Music “Give Back For Life” – Future Perfect; “Have Fun For Life” – Nylon


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