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The Best Work You May Never See: Liberty Group Ltd.'s "The Answer"


Robert Goldrich
Friday, Nov. 15, 2013


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Adrian De Sa Garces of Velocity Films directed this spot, teaming with VFX house Digital Domain on this reverse time-lapse piece which takes viewers from one of the most economically successful square miles in all of South Africa to show its creation as it sprung from the vision of Liberty investors in 1973. Agency is FoxP2, Johannesburg.


Client:  Liberty Group Ltd.  Agency:  FoxP2, Johannesburg. Grant Jacobson, creative partner; Santa Asbury, producer; Brendan Hoffman, art director; Morne Strydom, Kenneth Van Reenen, copywriters. Production Company:  Velocity Films Adrian De Sa Garces, director; Karen Kloppers, producer; Peter Tischhauser, DP; Julie Bonnet, production art director.  Editorial:  Left Post Production, Johannesburg and Cape Town. Julian Redpath, editor  Visual Effects:  Digital Domain, Inc.
Rich Flier, president, advertising & games; Scott Gemmell, head of production/exec producer; James Atkinson, VFX supervisor; Rachel Mariscal, VFX producer; Alex Michael, VFX coordinator; Greg Teegarden, CG supervisor; Scott Meadows, previsualization artist/animator; Kevin Bouchez, Kurt Lawson, compositors; David Liu, Brian Creasey, Chad Fehmie, Anthony Ramirez, Tim Jones, digital artists; Jesse James Chisholm, Vicki Chan, Daclin Young, Som Shankar, data integration; Jeff Heusser, Flame artist. Music:  RobRoy Music, Bryanston, South Africa

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